UHPS – University Hospitals Physician Services

A Message from Dr. Cliff Megerian

Dr. Cliff Megerian talks about his responsibilities as President of University Hospitals Physician Services and the culture of collegiality at University Hospitals. He describes his new vision for the University Hospitals Physicians Services of full integration among all of the practice groups, and the creative of the UH Primary Care Institute.

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University Hospitals Physician Services is committed to providing physician-focused leadership for all UH doctors. 

Guided by feedback and active communications with UH clinicians, we are enhancing our structure to better integrate primary care and specialty physicians, faculty and community doctors and medical staff and UH management services and operations.

Together, we are transforming our culture to better meet the needs of our patients, and developing a shared governance structure with a business structure that benefits physicians and UH. In the process, we are improving integration of care, increasing transparency and strengthening our alignment. 

We have increased physician involvement in recruitment and system leadership. For example, this year we have seen physicians take leadership roles in the development of the UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, the UH Primary Care Institute, the Rainbow Primary Care Network and the UH Digestive Health Institute. Physicians are leading our system-wide quality, clinical integration and innovation initiatives.

We are actively working with physicians and their staffs to improve our onboarding and information technology systems, and clarifying roles as well as other operational, HR and finance processes and functions. 

Cliff Megerian, MD, FACS
President, University Hospitals Physician Services
Director, UH Ear, Nose & Throat Institute
Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology
Richard W. and Patricia R. Pogue Chair in Auditory Surgery and Hearing Sciences
UH Cleveland Medical Center
Professor of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine