Schedule Me Now: Feedback from “Early Adopters”

April 26, 2017

UH Clinical Update - April 2017

Schedule Me Now is University Hospitals-developed technology that allows patients to be scheduled for referral appointments before they ever leave the primary care provider’s office. Since the launch in mid-January, several UH primary care offices have come on board with Schedule Me Now, with the majority of primary care and Urgent Care facilities scheduled for the remainder of the year.

After a few months, how are the reviews? Do UH providers, patients and staff like Schedule Me Now?

“The software is very intuitive to use,” says Sona Kirpekar, MD, an internal medicine physician at UH Westlake Internal Medicine. “If you can get on Facebook or make a dining reservation with Open Table, you can use this technology.”

Beyond its ease, Schedule Me Now also offers tangible benefits for UH providers, patients and staff, Dr. Kirpekar says.

“From a provider perspective, it’s great because we know the patients are getting scheduled,” she says. They’re not forgetting about it when they leave the office and they’re staying within our system. Patients also love it – it’s been very well received. I had a patient tell me today that this exemplifies how UH is trying to make things easier for patients. I think that’s true. It really is about providing patients with the highest level of service.”

Patients at UH Westlake Internal Medicine have been similarly enthusiastic about Schedule Me Now.

“UH always thinks of new ways to help their patients,” said one. “This is why I switched to UH.”
On the Eastside, a patient from Aurora Family Medicine summed up Schedule Me Now this way:

“That was one of the easiest and most efficient ways to schedule an appointment that I have ever seen or done. It was pretty slick – I like that.”

According to Dr. Kirpekar, UH office staff are also finding that Schedule Me Now makes their jobs easier.

“From a staff perspective, it’s been very useful for them,” she says. “They’re making appointments before the patients leave so they’re not fielding calls with referral questions. All of those issues are taken care of. Spending three minutes now is saving five to seven minutes later.”

“We have succeeded in scheduling many patients with the Schedule Me Now program,” adds Victoria Kaczynski, Office Manager at Pediatric Services in Parma. “In the beginning, it was a learning experience, but now it only takes a few minutes to schedule an appointment for a parent/patient before they leave our office. The parents seem satisfied and happy about the entire process.”

The physicians in her practice are also pleased with what Schedule Me Now can do, Kaczynski says.

“I know they really like the fact that we can schedule the patient before they leave,” she says. “This is very important because there are some parents who procrastinate and/or forget to call or forget who they should call to make an appointment. With Schedule Me Now, the patient is scheduled and the physician can look in the EMR to see if they actually went to their scheduled appointment.”

Both Kaczynski and Dr. Kirpekar single out UH IT for the job they’ve done in developing this new technology for the UH system. Craig Schwabl, Director of Emerging Technologies, has led the effort. His team includes:

  • Andy Laytin
  • Russ Heimovitz
  • Ben Hedrick
  • Renu Vatsava
  • Sowmya Ramesh
  • Alex Fishzon
  • John Roma
  • Sean Harris

“The Schedule Me Now IT team was always quick in resolving any issues we had and have been a great help to us,” says Kaczynski. “They should be proud of their success!”

“Every patient we’ve used this for has just been awed by it,” adds Dr. Kirpekar. “And the great fact is that it’s our product. We should take a lot of pride in that.”

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