Please Check Your Online Patient Comments

June 14, 2017

June 13, 2017


Dear UH Providers,

New comments by patients are added each month to our online UH provider profiles. Now is your opportunity to review the latest comments submitted by your patients before they are posted by clicking here.

You are able to review every comment before it is posted. You can ask to refute comments that are libelous, contain obscenities or potentially violate HIPAA standards. When providers ask to refute a patient comment, they are reviewed by the transparency committee which includes William Annable, MD (Chief Quality and interim Chief Medical Officer, UH), Robyn Strosaker, MD (Chief Medical Officer, UH Cleveland Medical Center) and me (UH Chief Experience Officer). The final decision on posting or not posting is made by this committee using the same three standards (libel, obscenities and HIPAA).

Please know that all comments that are not reviewed by you will be published automatically.

Patient comments or star ratings only appear in your profile after you have 30 surveys returned. We chose this number to ensure a representative sample size before publishing results – we want to protect physicians from an overall negative rating based on one or two encounters. If you prefer to publish your feedback even though you have less than 30 returns, please contact Jennifer Lorenz (email below). Please note, however, that if you opt in, all reviews and ratings will be published – positive, negative or neutral.

These reviews are a way to help us understand how we communicate with our patients. If you have a significant number of comments and the feedback is consistent, please listen carefully to what patients are telling you.

If you feel the comments do not accurately represent your care, a good approach is to work on increasing the number of your patients who return surveys. An effective way to do this is simply to ask your patients for their feedback. For example, at the end of an encounter: “After your visit, you are going to be receiving a survey. Your feedback helps us take care of all of our patients better. I would appreciate if you would fill out the survey.”

If you have questions, if you wish to publish your comments before receiving 30, or if you have any recurring difficulties logging in, please email the UH System Director of Data Analytics,


Joan Zoltanski, MD, MBA
UH Chief Experience Officer

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