New program assists UHPS providers in managing student loan debt

June 15, 2017

June 15, 2017


Dear colleagues,

The calling to become a physician or advanced care practitioner provides each of us with many satisfying rewards through our work in healing patients. The career we have chosen also comes with the price of a medical education, and most of us begin our practice with sizeable student loans to repay.

UHPS is pleased to announce that it is making available the services of LinkCapital® and its student loan consolidation and refinancing products to our clinicians through an exclusive UHPS program. This is a unique new advantage of your relationship with UH that could reduce the student loan interest that you pay and potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Student debt affects many recently hired medical professionals at UH. In fact, many of those who have worked for several years may still carry loan debt. We hope the UH program with LinkCapital can help many of our colleagues save money and enjoy work and life more.

The program is good news for current UH providers. It is also an enticement to attract new providers to our health system. We are including information about the program in our recruitment presentations.

The amount providers save can be significant. LinkCapital estimates that a provider with $225,000 of debt could save $33,400 over the life of a 10-year loan and have his or her payments reduced by over $220 per month under LinkCapital’s Medical Professional Program.
LinkCapital offers three types of refinancing options, subject to credit underwriting approval:

  1. Medical professional program. Borrowers can refinance to a competitive rate based on their individual credit profile. Interest rates are either fixed or variable and the programs offer repayment term options -- from 3 to 20 years – that best suit the provider’s circumstances. 
  2. Medical resident program. Physicians can refinance their student loan debt at a reduced interest rate even while they are still in residency or fellowship programs. Borrowers are obligated to make a minimum monthly payment of $75 for the duration of the physician’s training period. There is also an additional interest rate reduction of 1.42 percent to 2 percent (depending on the term) after the physician completes training and makes the initial principal and interest payment on time. 
  3. Contracted resident program. Residents and fellows with a signed employment contract that has them starting to work within 12 months can refinance their student loan debt at the rates associated with the medical professional program. They can still receive the benefit of a minimum monthly payment obligation of $75 for the balance of their training – so this offers them the best of both programs.

The cost of a medical education is an expected price for the rewards that come through your calling as a provider. This new UHPS program recognizes and eases your debt burden. You can learn more about these opportunities to address your student debt at

Kind regards,

Cliff A. Megerian, MD
President, UH Physician Services

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